This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



This plugin shows you real time statistics about your blog, track your friends’s visit, provide function such as post’s hotness, hottest post, related post, visitor’s list at current time, also support for Chinese perfectly. It collects information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS etc. If own a wordpress blog, you can use it freely, nothing else needed. Having fun!

Help in Chinese——中文写的帮助和常见问题回复.

Thanks to Gianni Diurno for the Italian locale language support, and fatcow for Russian locale language, and reza sh for Persian, and Rene for Dutch.


  1. Overview: Show the visitor, pageviews, spider, feed, of time for toatal, last month, this month, yesterday, toady; Last hits, Last search terms, Last referrer, Last feed, Last spider.

  2. Details: Show you the top post be viewed, top search term, top days ,etc; You can view the data of this last 30 days or the total.

  3. Spy: Show you who is visit your blog now!

  4. Friends: Show recently visitors who have comment on or loggin your blog, and the feedback they have written and which post they have visited.

  5. Mobiler: Detail stat info who has reach your blog through mobile device(such as iPhone, Palm Pre, etc)

  6. 404: List the pages don’t exsit, which can help you iditified the evil visit, or you really miss the page or pic

  7. Search: There you can search the stats data.

  8. Export: Export the stats data to your PC for other use.

  9. BanIP DIY: You can add the ip which you don’t want to be collected by yourself.

  10. DefIP DIY: You can name the ip that you know who is behind.

  11. Spider DIY: You can add spider rules by yourself.

  12. Option: There you can set more extended function.

13.Update: Upgrade your program and the dababase. You should run once after you upgrade the program.

  1. Support: Some useful info.

Below for Chinese blogger



  1. 纵览: Show the visitor, pageviews, spider, feed, of time for toatal, last month, this month, yesterday, toady; Last hits, Last search terms, Last referrer, Last feed, Last spider.

  2. 详情: Show you the top post be viewed, top search term, top days ,etc; You can view the data of this last 30 days or the total.

  3. 探测: Show you who is visit your blog now!

  4. 朋友:显示最近来访的朋友(留言者或注册用户)什么时候说了什么,看了什么

  5. 移动:通过移动设备(如智能手机、3G手机等可上网移动设备)访问的情况统计

  6. 404:未能找到页面的访问,可能是黑客类恶意访问,也可能是您的blog架构出现了问题

  7. 搜索: There you can search the stats data.

  8. 导出: Export the stats data to your PC for other use.

  9. 恶意IP自助编辑:可以把你不想记录的ip(比如您自己的固定ip)或者明显是恶意的ip手工添加到规则中去

  10. IP命名自定义:可以给某些您能确定背后是谁的ip命个名,这样即使他不登陆,您也可以知道他是谁了

  11. 爬虫规则自定义:

  12. 选项:很高多级功能的设定

  13. 系统升级: Upgrade your program and the dababase. You should run once after you upgrade the program.

  14. 支持: Some useful info.

Arbitrary section

This plugin is from statpress, which is not update long times ago. Thanks to GPL, also the author of StatPress.


  1. Upload statpresscn directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Then you have a StatPress panel in your Dashboard

Below for Chinese blogger

  1. 把解压插件后得到的statpresscn目录上传至blog所在服务器的/wp-content/plugins/目录下
  2. 在’管理面板’的’插件’中把该插件激活
  3. 管理面板中会出现StatPressCN标签,点击进入就可以看到访问统计页面了


Where is the Help?

You can get help for StatPressCN at Help

Is StatPressCN specail for Chinese?

Ceternly not. It works greatly under all wordpress platform.


There are no reviews for this plugin.

Contributors & Developers

“StatPressCN” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “StatPressCN” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • fix a flaw allowing a remote cross-site scripting attack


  • amply the search function page

= upgrade the widget’s showing

  • add eight spiders, and other def upgrade


= fix the problem occured on IIS+Windows when get client’ip

  • add the function “Don’t collect me” to Option page

  • add one more spider, which is from Tsinghua AI Lab


  • add surpport for the site in lan through forward, thanks to passionke

  • add 11 new spider rules, add rule for chorme 8,9, etc

= fixed the wrong def in spider.dat, thanks to Alan Danielson

  • fullfill the mobiler def

  • modify the sequene to some def in spider.dat and browser.dat

  • add 6 new spider rules

  • add Dutch language supported

= technolgy refresh

  • limit the table’s size to improve the speed; add 5 spider def and 1 os def

  • locale character support upgraded; new browser Deepnet Explorer added; 10 new spider rules added

= correct the number when paging

  • seperate the debug page from support pages; spbot spider def added

= fixed the error for last day stat; optimize for date function use

= change table’s default character set to utf8, and fixed error when stat just begging at target month field, and some spider definition

= fixed the error when showing title under main page

  • can show inner search terms correctly now, add two new spider define and two ip rules

  • fix the number of target of year and month, more acutre.

  • add some spider def.

  • speed up StatPressCN main page, for me, the query times have been cut to 117 from 159.

= fixed the error when manuiplate first day of the year, which is zero, should not be divided.

= change the br before the credit

  • add spider defs, which is FlickySearchBot; add a Google cache def.

= fixed the bug bout the difference between the total for the day and the showing number from the bar. Thanks to Tim

  • add five spider defs, including Linguee Bot, KaloogaBot,JianKongBao, etc.

  • add year stats in main page

= fixed the minor error in parameter setting

  • add five new spider defining, in which wukong is mobile spider

  • add MAUI WAP Browser to mobile browser list

  • add 65.55.108 to banip rules, which belongs to evil microsoft’s msnbot

  • add Russian language support, thanks to fatcow

= modify the <> to !=

= fixed the error FOR feed count is not function

fixed the error when update_option has wrong argument, thanks to P45camp

compatiable to php version below 5.1.0, for Henk van Ess

  • add two searchengine rules:,

  • add 1 week and 2 weeks to the data_delete setting

  • enable the user can set the details page’s stat period

  • change ipquerytool to, thanks to Maxim Tsalkin

  • add some searchengine rules and spider rules

  • help info modified

  • help info to fullfilled

  • italiano locale update

= fixed the error when manuiplate some permalink structure

  • add MJbot2.2 rule to spider.dat, add,,, to banip.dat, some is spider, and some is from hacker.

++Thanks to mohammad hassan, fillidill

  • you can update the sets whose ip is defined by you

= fixed the commentor count error on widget

  • you can name the ip now

  • can show your blog’s post number, commnetor number on widget

  • can show mysql character encoding, for debugging

= fixed the feed count error, I recover the function of time and date

  • add 404 error page list

  • hide statupdate, 404, banip, spider into option page

  • extend search function to 4 column

= fixed the urlrequested containing Chinese character

  • add uninstall support, you can set it to deleting all options value or even dropping the StatPressCN’s data table

  • rearrange the options page, group the related functions

  • add two mobile search engines

= fixed the error in lastmonth, thanks to Lucky,

  • supportting site change to

  • support site change to

  • Add gravatar support in Friends

  • add friends’s comments and visit times

= fixed the error when manuiplate the urlrequested cotaining akst_action=share-this

  • Can define period in TopPosts

  • show stats info in blog’s dashboard

  • optimize statpresscn database at 1/1000

= clean the friend list, remove the stat sets for which ip is in comments’s spam

  • fixed the parameter in widget, like %yesterdayvisits%

= add 50 to the friends number showing in options

= fixed the bug in last month’s stats, thanks to Michael Niemann

  • add %yesterdayvisits%, %pagevisits%, %yesterdaypagevisits% parameter to StatPress widget

= fixed the error in search decode when user search in dashboard

= fixed the logic error in credit showing option, and some other minor error

  • improve the design for details and friends

  • change the rules idetify for spider, os, broswer; add nofollow to the links in widget

  • add support to track visitor who are user or commenter(New function)

  • add current visitor visiting info

  • can disable credit showing on widget

  • upgrade for set which nation is null

  • handle the set included wp-signup.php