Product Import Export for WooCommerce


The Product Import Export for WooCommerce plugin exports and imports WooCommerce simple, grouped, and external/affiliate products to and from CSV (variable products are only supported in the premium version). It is super simple!

Major Features

  • Export WooCommerce products into CSV.
  • Import products from CSV to WooCommerce.
  • Supported product types – simple, grouped, external/affiliate.
  • Export and import products with images.
  • Export and import product reviews along with ratings.
  • Export and import products by category/tags/selected products/status.
  • Export and import product attributes, taxonomies, price, stock, and more.
  • Bulk edit products.
  • Import and export product categories [New].
  • Import and export product tags [New].

Additional Features

  • Import/export in batches with custom batch count.
  • Set CSV delimiter for import.
  • Select from multiple import/export methods.
  • Easily import products from other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, etc., with import column mapping.
  • Organise and structure CSV columns in the export file just as you want with the drag and drop UI.
  • Rename CSV column headers as you like.
  • Easy recurring import/exports using pre-saved configurations.
  • List of all past imports and exports with option to re-run them.
  • View import log for easy debugging.
  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.0

Compatible Plugins

Setup Guide – Product Import Export for WooCommerce

For learning more about the set up of the Product Import Export plugin for WooCommerce, refer to its setup guide.

You can also check out this video to get a quick understanding of the plugin.

How Does the Plugin Work? (Import of WooCommerce Products using CSV)

The WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin takes CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file as input. You must create a CSV ( UTF-8 Encoded ) file and enter the product details in a structured format.

This is to match each field of CSV file to the field of a particular product which otherwise Admin need to input manually. For example, the post_title field gets mapped to the product name and the regular_price field gets mapped to the regular price of the product.

You can create the CSV from scratch or you can export products to get the format of CSV. You can use a spreadsheet program, such as LibreOffice, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, or Google Spreadsheets for creating and modifying the CSV file. Save this file with extension “.CSV”.

After entering all details about products in a spreadsheet, you can import products to your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can also export and download product details as a CSV.

Premium Version Features

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce is the leading tool for the export and import of WooCommerce products. Check out its features.

✅ Export/Import simple, group, external, custom and variation product types.
✅ Export/Import custom fields(meta) and hidden meta.
✅ Choose from XML/CSV format for import/export.
Various filter options for exporting products
Map and transform fields during import
Bulk edit/evaluate data during import
✅ WPML support for simple products.
✅ Import/Export file via FTP/SFTP.
Import from URL.
✅ Automatic scheduled import and export.
Third party plugin customization support.

Please visit Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce for more details.

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce (Pro)

Following are some of the use-cases supported by the Product Import Export for WooCommerce premium version.

WooCommerce export products (all product types are supported)

There are multiple cases where one needs to export WooCommerce products. It could be either for sending the details to someone else or integrating with a third-party system. With the plugin, you can import all product types including custom product types such as subscription and bundled products.

WooCommerce import products (all product types are supported)

WooCommerce bulk product upload is one of the main use cases where WooCommerce product import functionality is used. With the plugin, you can import products from any XML or CSV into WooCommerce. This saves a lot of time and minimizes errors.

WooCommerce export and import products with images (supports simple & variation images)

The plugin facilitates the easy import of images related to a product. When the products are imported using the plugin, the first image related to a product in the image column of the CSV file is taken as its featured image. If there are multiple images in the same column, the image(s) after the first one is taken as the gallery images of the product.

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  • General settings for WooCommerce product import export plugin

  • Export method for WooCommerce product export plugin

  • Export mapping for for WooCommerce product export plugin

  • Filter products for WooCommerce product export plugin

  • Export batch limit for WooCommerce product export plugin

  • Save export template for WooCommerce product export plugin

  • Export complete for WooCommerce product export plugin

  • Import method for WooCommerce product import plugin

  • Import mapping for WooCommerce product import plugin

  • Import taxonomies and attribute mapping for WooCommerce product import plugin

  • Evaluation options for WooCommerce product import plugin

  • Advanced options for WooCommerce product import plugin

  • Save import template for WooCommerce product import plugin

  • Import logs for WooCommerce product import plugin

  • Import Export history for Product Import Export for WooCommerce


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. That’s it! you can now configure the plugin.


Why am I getting empty CSV while exporting?

The plugin supports simple, grouped, and affiliate/external product types only. Hence, if you export variable products with the plugin the resulting CSV will be empty.

Does this plugin support export/import of images?

Yes. You can import or export product images along with other details

Which is the best free CSV editor suggested?


Does this plugin support importing taxonomy and attributes to WooCommerce?

Yes. You can import product taxonomy and attributes into WooCommerce using the plugin.

Can I export products by category using this plugin?

Yes. You can export products by category using the category filter within the plugin.

Is it possible to import grouped and external products to WooCommerce using the plugin?

Yes. You can import grouped, affiliate/external products in addition to simple products using the plugin.


January 14, 2022
This plugin is so useful . I imported products from a custom CMS
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  • WC 6.0 tested OK.


  • WC 5.9 tested OK.
  • Bug Fix: Category import and Tag import – name update issue fix.


  • FAQ updates
  • Bug Fix: Upload timeout issue.


  • WC 5.8 Tested OK
  • Improvements: Added filter wt_import_csv_parser_keep_bom for escaping Cyrillic letters.
  • Fixes: Keeping previously selected options when e-running the export/import and wp_max_upload_size(), mb_detect_encoding() related issues.
  • Improvements: Product image data like alt text, desc, title etc importing.
  • Bug fix: Cannot update or delete product attribute by importing.
  • Improvements: Product tags and categories import export optimisation and fix for cyrillic letters.


  • WC 5.7 tested OK.
  • Product categories and tags export and import option added.


  • Fix: Product review import.


  • Product review import export support added.


  • Tested OK with WC 5.6.


  • Tested OK with WP 5.8.
  • Bug fix: Product attribute update issue.


  • Tested OK with WC 5.5.
  • Added external/affiliate and grouped product support.


  • Bug fix: WC 3.8 compatibility.


  • Tested OK with WC 5.4.


  • Custom taxonomy support updated.


  • Heads up! This version has been revamped majorly. The new version update will not automatically adopt the existing settings.
  • Please make sure you record/note the existing plugin settings and redo them in the new version after an update.
  • Improved UI for better user experience
  • Export/Import options: via a pre-saved template or a quick(standard columns) export/import
  • Option to export/import selective columns
  • Option to reorder columns during export
  • Import: Support for different types of delimiters
  • Export/Import options: Batch option with configurable batch count
  • History of all the Import/Export process
  • Dedicated logs for debugging failures


  • Bug fix:- Delete temp file after import


  • Tested OK with WC 5.2.2


  • Tested OK with WC 5.2.0


  • Tested OK with WC 5.1.0 and WP 5.7.0


  • Tested OK with WC 5.0.0 and WP 5.6.1


  • Tested OK with WC 4.9.2
  • Enhancement: product image import.


  • Bug Fix: Handling of ‘onbackorder’ value for ‘stock_status’.


  • Tested OK with WC 4.8.0 and WP 5.6
  • Enhancement: product_page_url export.


  • Tested OK with WC 4.7.1 and WP 5.5.3
  • New filter options added in product export.


  • Tested OK with WC 4.6.0


  • Tested OK with WC 4.4.1 and WP 5.5.1
  • Bug Fix:js error when click select all/ unselect all button in export page.


  • Tested OK with WC 4.3.1
  • Bug Fix: Issue with importing multiple image when images are in different folder.


  • Tested OK with WC 4.2.2 and WP 5.4.2


  • Update:- Compatible with meta ‘_purchase_note’.


  • Tested OK with WC 4.1.0 and WP 5.4.1


  • Bug Fix:- Problem with activating plugin in multisite.
  • Bug Fix:- Warning when open fails.


  • Tested OK with WP 5.4


  • Tested OK with WC 4.0.1


  • [Improvement] Security


  • Security fix.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.9.2


  • Tested OK with WP 5.3.2
  • Content Update.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.8.1 and WP 5.3
  • provision to export for Super Admin user.


  • Bug Fix: Price issue with scheduled sales imports. (@derickcpt)


  • Bug Fix: Postmetas not getting imported/updated
  • Tweak: Filter name changed from “woocommerce_csv_product_postmeta_defaults” to “woocommerce_wf_csv_product_postmeta_defaults”.
  • Tested OK with WP 5.2.4


  • Bug Fix: Duplicating SKU when updating product with ID
  • Tested OK with WC 3.7.1


  • Content Update.


  • Content Update.
  • Tested OK with WP 5.2.3


  • Enhancement: Added ‘tab’ and ‘space’ delimiter support for import CSV.
  • Bug Fix: Improved error handling for file upload issues.
  • Plugin update information hook added.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.7.0


  • Tested OK with WC 3.6.5


  • Tested OK with WC 3.6.4 and WP 5.2.2
  • Content update.
  • Bug Fix.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.6.3 and WP 5.2
  • Content update.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.6.2


  • Tested OK with WC 3.6.1
  • Bug Fix: SKU check.


  • Banner Update.
  • Content Update.


  • Updates: Tested OK with WC 3.5.7
  • Bug Fix:- Image import.
  • Support GlotPress(


  • Updates: Tested OK with WC 3.5.6 and WP 5.1.1
  • Bug Fix:- Updating Stock status based on stock quantity.


  • Updates: Tested OK with WC 3.5.5 and WP 5.1
  • Bug Fix:- Import process getting stuck randomly.


  • Updates: Tested OK with WC 3.5.4
  • Bug Fix:- Importing hierarchical category
  • Content Update.


  • Updates: Tested OK with WP 5.0.3 and WC 3.5.3
  • Bug Fix:- Image Thumbnail Regeneration error reporting.
  • Content Update.


  • Updates: Tested OK with WP 5.0.2 and WC 3.5.2
  • Optimized product image import.


  • Content update.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.5.1
  • Image importing process optimised
  • Bug fix.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.5.0
  • Compatible with new meta ‘_low_stock_amount’ which introduced in WC3.5.0


  • Tested OK with WC 3.4.6
  • Content Update.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.4.5
  • Review link added in footer.
  • Bug fix.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.4.4
  • Bug fix:importing date.
  • Bug fix:- JSON_HEX_APOS on ajax post.


  • Tested OK with WC 3.4.3
  • Image import process improved.


  • Sample CSVs are updated.
  • Enhancement: Improved parsing.
  • Updates: Tested OK with WP 4.9.6 and WC 3.4.2
  • Fixed warnings.


  • Updates: Interface updated.
  • Updates: Tested OK with WC 3.3.3


  • Updates: Tested OK with WP 4.9.4 and WC 3.3.1


  • Minor content updates


  • Updates: Tested OK with WP 4.9


  • BugFix: Invalid argument for foreach loop


  • BugFix: Product not importing at 100n. n=1,2…


  • Fixed conflict with Plus version.


  • Fixed some warnings.


  • Minor Content Change.


  • Updates: Added video tutorial.


  • BugFix: Same title product import message update.


  • Minor content change.


  • Function modified for Woocommerce 3.0 Compatibility.


  • Woocommerce 3.0 Compatibility.


  • Marketing Content Changed.


  • New Icon Updated.


  • Minor content change.


  • Optimization: Image URL parsing.


  • Enhancement: German Translation updates.


  • Enhancement: WPML Support updates.


  • Enhancement: Security improvements and bug fix.


  • Enhancement: Security improvements.


  • Enhancement: Sample CSV updated.


  • Bug fix: Improved parsing.


  • Bug fix: Removed deprecated function.


  • Bug fix: Empty check validation updated.


  • Minor content change.


  • Enhancement: Import products that have same title.


  • Italian Translation added.


  • Hungarian Translation added.


  • Minor content change.


  • Enhancement: Updated support forum links and contact details.


  • Bug Fix: fixed issue with SKU while exporting.


  • Feature: Added Multilingual support and French Translation.


  • Bug Fix: Improved Evaluation field and help message in mapping section.


  • Bug Fix: Sorting priority Set to ID by default while exporting.


  • Bug Fix: Improved parsing while importing product price with currency symbol and thousand separator.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with Evaluation field with single quotes.
  • Bug Fix: Option to import gallery images.
  • Enhancement: Improved help text for Post name and Stock quantity.
  • Enhancement: Improved label text for Product type, category , tags and shipping class.
  • Enhancement: Included links to Documentation and sample CSV.


  • Import /Export WooCommerce Products.