This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

mcjh button shortcode


Create nice call-to-action Buttons (cta buttons) in 12 predefined colors or whole hexadecimalcode, using own labelling and individual target-URLs. A special settings-page offers an easy-to-use shortcode-generator with preview feature.

  • Define custom button text
  • Set a custom text color
  • Define custom link
  • Define a custom link title
  • Define, if target should be opened in a new window/tab or the current one
  • Use 12 predefined colors or custom hexadecimal color code
  • Define a javascript onclick action
  • Use Placeholders for page-id, button-id, target-url, text and current page as arguments in javascript functions
  • Define inline button behavior
  • Add custom css
  • Activate/deactivate rounded corners
  • Make clicks trackable
  • Usable in Widgets, Content and theme-parts
  • Easy to use Shortcode Generator in backend with color picker

QuickDocs Shortcode

  • text: defines the text of the button
  • link: the link your button points to, must start with “http://” to work properly
  • color: the color of your button
  • title: the mouse over title
  • onclick: an onclick action to be executed before switching to the given link
  • target: defines the target window of the link
  • style: defines the intext behavior for the button (float, block etc)
  • rounded: defines, if button corners are rounded, or not
  • tcolor: defines the text color by hexdec code
  • css: custom css for buttons

QuickDocs Javascript Placeholders

These placeholders only work in the “onlick” attribute and can be used as button-specific arguments in javacript functions.

They generally would be used like this: onclick="your_awesome_js_function({buttonid},{link},{pageurl})";

  • {link} will be replaced by the button-link
  • {pageid} will be replaced by the page id that contains this button
  • {pageurl} will be replaced by the page url that contains this button
  • {text} will be replaced by the button text
  • {buttonid} will be replaced by the button id

Important: Don’t use quotes in combination with the placeholders, since they are rendered with quotes automatically!

Example shortcode
[createButton text=”my text” link=”” color=”gold” title=”my awesome button” onclick=”alert({url})” target=”_blank” style=”blockleft” rounded=”false” tcolor=”#123″ css=”a{min-height:300px;}” ]


  • A screenshot of the old documentation-page in the admin-dashboard. Still available, but deprecated
  • The new backend with the simple generator interface and button preview


  1. Upload folder mcjh-buttons to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Ready. Now create your first button with [createButton]! See more Information in the Settings-Page


Will there be more shapes available?

Updates for more different shapes and styles are not excluded. But not promised, too.

Is this plugin free with its full functionallity?

Yes, it is. And for sure it will allways be.

How can I track button-clicks?

You can track button-clicks by using services like GoogleAnalytics and its Event Tracker. The docus of GoogleEventTracker with very good examples can be found under

How can I use this plugin in a theme part outside the loop?

You can use the shortcode by calling the function echo do_shortcode("[createButton]");


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I thought of adding a similar functionality to my child theme, only to find this plugin could save me time. Keep updating the plugin. I use it on my website Decent plugin
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Contributors & Developers

“mcjh button shortcode” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • restrucutred plugin folder structure
  • reworked software architecture


  • moved generator page from options to menu
  • added color picker to custom background color field
  • added color picker to text color field
  • userroles that can edit posts can now use the shortcode generator


  • fixed second admin notification bug in backend


  • fixed admin notification bug in backend


  • reworked id generating algorithm of buttons
  • new attribute “style” to add predefined button behavior
  • new attribute “css” to add custom css
  • new attribute “borderradius” to set rounded corners
  • new attribute “tcolor” to set custom text-color
  • added placeholders for button-id, current page address, current page id, target url and text. They can be used as arguments in javascript functions within the “onclick”-attribute
  • updated shortcode generator


  • the shortcode-attribute “enabletracking” has been disabled due to url parsing problems. Tracking can still be managed by using tracking services like GoogleEventTracker
  • new attribute “target” can be used to define if a link should open a new tab, window or stay in the current window/tab
  • plugin backend documentation was replaced by a shortcode generator


  • removed auto-p-actions to prevent compatibility issues with other plugins


  • new attribute “onclick” to add a onclick javascript action: [createButton onclick=””]
  • changed generator of html ids, each button-id will now be absolutelly unique


  • reworked predefined colors
    • changed “lightgrey” to grey and “grey” to darkgrey
    • added predefined color “gold”
    • improved predefined colors
    • reduced load of images by introducing combination of background-image and background-color
  • improved error-handling on predefined colors
  • userdefined hexadecimal colors can now be given with or without “#”
  • improved userdefined button colors with algorithm to calculate suitable border colors
  • new attribute “title” to add a custom title to the buttons. Default value is the button text
  • reduced execution time of searching and matching predefined colors
  • updated Plugin URI
  • several little Bugfixes


  • bugfixes


  • fixed wrong behaviour on floating elements, added block behavior to button
  • changed fix width to min-width of buttons
  • fixed wrong admin css script enqueueing
  • added tracking-values to urls
    • Tracking can be enabled by adding ‘enableTracking=”true”‘ to the shortcode


  • fixed Bugs and completed german language .mo and .po


  • plugin-Release on 20. February 2015