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Insiteful — Form Abandonment Tracking, Partial Entries, Save & Continue Later

Insiteful — Form Abandonment Tracking, Partial Entries, Save & Continue Later


This plugin is a “no-code” tool to track & optimize any existing web form on your website and solve form abandonment. No more missed opportunities.™

Automagically unlock more leads from your forms with Insiteful:
Capture unfinished form responses & partial leads. Unveil the reasons behind form abandonment. Save progress for returning visitors. Prevent lost leads and boost conversions.

It takes just a few clicks to install this plugin and start capturing 100% of partial entries (and potential leads) from your lead forms. Enjoy this complete solution for form abandonment tracking & optimization, including the following push-button features for any web form:
– Partial entries / submission tracking
– Form-field analytics & insights (e.g. confused, abandoned fields)
– Lead capture & notifications
– 1-click Save & continue later
– Smart repopulate and “Welcome Back”
– Auto follow-up / drip email automation
– 3,000+ no-code integrations via Zapier

Use this plugin to install Insiteful on your website in just a few clicks!


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  • Preview of Form Abandonment Funnel Report


  1. Upload insiteful.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Login to app.insiteful.co and copy your Activation Key
  4. Paste your activation key where indicated under ‘Settings’ > ‘Insiteful’ and click ‘Save changes’
  5. Tada! You’ve successfully installed Insiteful.


What can I do with Insiteful?

Insiteful™ is a powerful tool to unlock more leads from your existing web forms. Our software automagically tracks, engages & converts 100% of prospects that start to fill out your forms. Never miss another opportunity™, with Insiteful.

Capture unfinished form responses & partial leads. Unveil the root causes of form abandonment. Save progress for returning visitors. Prevent lost leads and boost conversions. Take advantage of our complete suite of push-button features to get from your existing web forms: from partial entry tracking & form field analytics to save + continue later, auto follow-up, and 3,000+ more integrations via Zapier

What is abandonment? Why does it matter?

Abandonment is where a prospective lead fails to convert after landing & showing interest in your website. Studies estimate this happens with nearly 3 in 4 visitors, meaning a significant majority of potential leads are left on the table with traditional digital marketing and analytics. Read more about form abandonment here.

We’ve created a unique solution to solve form abandonment with just one line of Javascript to automatically track, engage, and convert every user that starts to fill out your forms.

How is this different from other analytics & abandonment services?

Services like ClickTale, VWO Insights, and FullStory offer one core feature: session replay (you can record & watch live user sessions). Gaining any meaningful insight from such tools requires a hours of your time — recordings don’t offer much immediately actionable data.

On the other hand, today’s marketing automation tools & abandonment plugins (e.g. Dynamic Yield, Pure360) are built for product businesses that sell via cart or checkout (e.g. eCommerce, B2C) and are not particularly useful for businesses that sell via online lead funnels & forms (e.g. B2B, service businesses).

With Insiteful™, we set out to design an end-to-end optimization plugin built specifically for the kinds of businesses that close their business from web forms: to make it easier to improve your existing web forms’ conversion rate & user experience.


🍂 🔟 30, 2023
I loved seeing how Insiteful takes care of my business’ leads by automatically recovering missed opportunities & solving form abandonment. It’s like having a personal assistant! Highly recommend installing this on any site that primarily generates leads with forms.
❄️2️⃣ 15, 2023
I’ve always wanted to track partial entries from all my forms (I use a bunch of plugins: Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Forminator, WPForms, and a few others), but I could never pull it off for two reasons: I don’t have a technical / coding background I didn’t want to switch to a new form builder Insiteful fit the bill perfectly. The same day I installed it, Insiteful captured an extra lead from my site via the “In a Hurry” plugin, which took me just one click to enable!! The support team was super helpful when I needed assistance getting the installation set up correctly for all my different forms. 5 stars for Insiteful 🙂
❄️1️⃣ 31, 2023
Tried product but did not work with my forms. Support was rude when trying to get a refund from their 14-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.
🌸4️⃣ 16, 2021
Glad I found this! Very satisfied with it, does what I need & quite easy to configure, with quick results. We’ve been using it for a few months now. Good range of different ‘plug-n-play’ features to track / optimize your forms. Support is responsive, always helpful replies. Overall highly recommend!
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  • Added activation key validation


  • First release of Insiteful for WordPress!