This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

AdFoxly – Ad Manager, AdSense Ads & Ads.txt


The simplest Ads Manager for WordPress
Create custom campaigns for individual publishers or place Google AdSense on your website – in just a few clicks with AdFoxly.

This plugin is used by web magazines since 2013. Now it’s available for everyone. Feel free to download. Then, mail me if you need any help.


Easy, Easier, Easiest… AdFoxly!
First Ads Manager created to be easy, useful and beautiful by people who work daily with Ads and on WordPress. You don’t need a whole IT Team to manage ads. Save more than $732 per year and use AdFoxly

AdFoxly gives you the most important features listed below. New features coming soon.

  • Predefined Ad Places
    • Ad Before Post Content
    • Ad After Post Content
    • Ad Inside the Post Content
    • In the middle of the post
    • After X (n-th) paragraph
    • Sticky Ad
    • Sticky ad on the bottom
    • Sticky ad on the top
    • Sticky ad on the left
    • Sticky ad on the right
    • Popup Ad
    • Ads as WordPress Widget. Put your ad (like image, gif or code) in any default WordPress sidebars as you need
    • or anywhere else using a simple default WordPress shortcode
  • Supported Ads
    • Image Ads (png, jpg, gif)
    • Google AdSense
    • HTML/JS/Code Ads (PropellerAds,, InfoLinks, Amazon, Adversal and more. Sky is the limit!)
  • Configuration Options
    • sponsored, follow and nofollow
    • new tab or the same tab
  • Create Ads Campaigns
    • Choose where you want display your ad. You can choose to show ads only on mobile, only on desktop or both. When ad will be visible on all devices
    • no limit of ads in a campaign
    • configure maximum number of clicks and views
    • set campaign’s start and end date
    • select post or pages categories where ads should not be visible
    • select post or pages categories where ads should be available, and ignore other categories
    • select post or pages tags where ads should not be visible
    • select post or pages tags where ads should be available, and ignore other tags
    • select specific post or page where ads should be hidden
    • select specific post or page where ads should be available, and ignore other post and pages
    • manage how many times ad popup will be show, before will disappear forever
  • PRO features for Campaigns
    • defined countries where ad will be visible
    • defined countries where ad will be excluded
    • days of week when ad will be visible (e.g. only in work days)
    • specific hours when ad will be visible (e.g. only between 8:00 AM and 22:00 PM)
    • max ad views per one user and prevent fake clicks and secure your budget
    • send preview of ads to your customers and let them verify their ads and campaigns or your website, before ad will be show for all your website users

AdFoxly is a WordPress plugin for managing ads and ad spaces (places) in WordPress. It could work with ads networks like Google AdSense, PropellerAds,, InfoLinks, Amazon, Adversal and more or for custom advertisers.

Wizard will save your time and makes life easier.

Ads Types Format aka WHAT
Choose type of ad. Image, Video, Google AdSense, Amazon Ads or maybe you have custom JavaScript/HTML code from your customer? No problem. All of that are supported ad formats.

Auto fill the fields
You need fill only this fields, which you need to fill. Banner title? No worries. AdFoxly will try fetch all data from the image. Just put the image.

Ads Places (Placements) aka WHERE
Choose one of several places which is selected to you and forget about any change in the code. Just What You Click is What You Want. No more digging in the code.

Ads Campaigns aka WHEN
Set your or your ads provider requirements like specific posts, pages, categories, tags, countries and more. 1 click in ad per 1 unique user? No problem at all for AdFoxly.

Settings and other options

  • Put yout Ads.txt into settings, and AdFoxly will save that file on your hosting. You don’t need any more plugins for that!
  • Paste your Facebook Pixel if you want create ads on Facebook and retarget your visitors. You don’t need any more plugins for that!

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Check out our website for support and more information: AdFoxly – WordPress Ads Manager


I would like to say thank you to Partyzant, who helping me in AdFoxly tests.


  • Add Ads Easily
  • Campaign Configuration
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • New Simple Wizard
  • Google Ads Configuration


  1. Upload in Plugin section in WordPress
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How to install?

You have two options.
First: Just download ZIP file from the top, and put it in Plugins section in your WordPress.
Second: Go to the your WordPress Website Admin Panel. Click on “Plugins” on the right and “Add new” on the top in next step. On the top right search type: “adfoxly”. After that click on the button “Install now” and wait few seconds. After all, click “Activate”. That’s all.

Do you put own ads on my website which could be seen by my visitors?

No! Of course not! We do not put any ads displayed to your visitors. We have standards.

How to start with AdFoxly?

Start with adding a new ad. You don’t have to configure a campaign or a place. First, upload a banner or a Google AdSense code. Then choose a place to show the ad. Simple as that.

Ad – what is it?

An ad is a banner, Google AdSense ad, or a custom HTML ad

Campaign – what is it?

The Campaign is a set of options to group your ads. The Campaign lets you configure max ad views or clicks, also start and end dates. PRO version enables you to limit the Campaign to defined countries or set specific weekdays and time of the day. Also, you can set max views for one user per ad.

Campaign – do I need to use it?

No. It’s just a way to group a few banners into some project. You can use campaigns while working with your advertisement partners.

Place – what is it?

Place lets you configure ads behavior for different places of your ads (such as Before or After Post). You set places to rotate ads: on a page refresh or after some time without refreshing a page (e.g. 10 seconds).

Places – do I need to configure them?

No. You can use places without configuring them. While configuring a new ad, simply choose a place or places in which you want your ads to be displayed.

AdSense – how to earn money?

You need to sign up for an AdSense account. Once you configure it, you can paste your code to a new ad in AdFoxly.

AdSense Ad displays in wrong place?

Check how generate AdSense code properly. First you need to remember to DO NOT choose a “Auto Ads”, but create a own Ad Unit. Look at the image above in FAQ.


🍂 🔟 25, 2022 1 reply
awesome plugin, the only one that offers exactly what I wanted for setting up my ads by date of contract with my advertisers. The support is very responsive to answer my questions and help me set up the module exactly as I wanted
🍂 9️⃣ 3, 2021 1 reply
I used this plugin for sticky ads. The result is great. A suggestion: If possible, it would be nice if it could be determined what to do when the Adsense ad request returns empty. Turning off the sticky ad slot or replacing it with another ad... I recommend this plugin to everyone.
☀️ 8️⃣ 9, 2020 1 reply
First, thank you very much for this great plugin and hope that you will come up with a full analytics report. Excellent support from Rafał Osiński, fast response even on Sundays, replies and updates plugins in seconds. The interface is simple, nice and clean and user friendly. Highly recommended and I will definitely use this plugin on all my sites
🌸5️⃣ 23, 2020
tl:dr; People, I don't understand how this plugin is going under the radar? This is a top notch plugin. Try it for yourself, it speaks for itself in it's simplicity and versatility. Now here is a full review because this plugin earned it: I wanted a versatile way to create hundreds of banner ads quickly, with minimal data entry. To that end, I checked out all the popular plugins for ads that been updated in the last year, starting with those that had the most installs + update most recently. I also filtered out plugins that restricted too much functionality for their PRO versions. I tried the data entry process for creating these banner ads on a lot of the popular ad plugins. While some of them met my criteria, I eliminated some ad plugins because the data entry was too time consuming per banner ad and I eliminated the rest because I didn't have the granular ability to place the ads as shortcodes, or inject ads automatically into content without purchasing an upgrade out of the box. I'm not opposed to paying for plugins, I just like to pay for plugins after they've proved valuable to me. So I got to AdFoxly after trying other plugins simply because there was only 1 review here and the install base is not super massive compared to some of the bigger plugins. On the plus side, it was updated recently so I was hopeful. I installed the plugin and found it to be everything I wanted. I could automatically inject ads where ever I wanted, I could use them in shortcodes or in templates. Best of all, I was able to create 180+ banner ads and have them all displaying in the right positions in just a few hours from installing the plugin. I was in love! However, all was not right because one fateful page reload the connection interrupted mid-transfer and I was horrified to see 180+ ads displaying on the page. I looked in the source code and was concerned to see that my ads which were set to refresh on page load, were being preloaded and hidden. This makes sense for the timer rotation option, but since that was disabled it meant I was making my ad blocker go insane ever page load with 180+ blocked ads hidden in the background. I was concerned that Google wouldn't like that either. I looked on the support forum here and it was basically empty, but I figured it was worth reaching out with my issue and seeing if they could make it so only one ad appeared if they're set to refresh on page load. Within 24 hours they released an update that solves my problem. With that one bump in the road solved by the developer so quickly, I am left with the ad plugin of my dreams. Seriously, I just tried so many freaking ad plugins and this one was a breathe of fresh air, and best of all, comes with an attentive developer who knows how to quickly respond to support issues. You've earned this 5 star review from me. Thanks again for the plugin and the support.
☀️ 6️⃣ 25, 2019 1 reply
Simple and easy-to-use plugin. I'm glad that you shared this piece of code with the WordPress community. I can't wait for the new features!
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Contributors & Developers

“AdFoxly – Ad Manager, AdSense Ads & Ads.txt” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Feature/Bugfix: Removed banners, campaigns, and places from sitemap
  • Bugfix: Minor fixes


  • Bugifx: Listing all posts in ad campaign dropdown


  • Feature: Top bar as default


  • Security: Optional Sentry feature
  • Security: Optional Bugsnag feature


  • Analytics: Views for a single ad (pro feature)
  • Update: Freemius 3rd party library v2.5.3
  • Bugfix: Twenty Twenty-Three ad image width fixed


  • Fixed PHP 8 Campaign Date Issue


  • Critical Security Update – Freemius library security bugfix to v2.4.3


  • AdSense center position ad on sticky placement


  • Information about finished or ending campaign also on ads list, not only on campaigns lists
  • Some fixes for MVP multiple import via CSV file


  • Improved left and right fixed ads.
  • Fixes in wizard and ads listing RWD
  • Bulk actions: Import multiple ads via CSV file
  • Bulk actions: on ads – Delete selected ads, turn on selected ads, turn off selected ads
  • You can exclude ads in plugin settings tab from 404 pages as Google AdSense requires


  • Editable all details of Ad Spots. Now you can change ads places / ad spots behavior.
  • Manage how many times popup will be show, before will disappear forever.


  • Better Anonymous Data Collection. Easier for user to revoke access.


  • WordPress Core System Error Fixed


  • Fix optimization


  • Fix optimization


  • Freemius library updated


  • Changed Ad Block Detector to IAB
  • Optimization for huge number of tags and categories
  • Libraries updates
  • Target your ads for mobile, desktop or both!


  • .


  • Select specific post or page where ads should be hidden
  • Select specific post or page where ads should be available, and ignore other post and pages
  • UX improvements


  • Select post or pages categories where ads should not be visible
  • Select post or pages categories where ads should be available, and ignore other categories
  • Select post or pages tags where ads should not be visible
  • Select post or pages tags where ads should be available, and ignore other tags
  • UX improvements


  • Exclude ads in specific categories
  • Allow ads only in specific categories
  • Exclude ads in specific tags
  • Allow ads only in specific tags
  • Fixes for PHP 7.4.4 and above


  • New tab / Same tab update
  • New ref link option – sponsored (available: sponsored, no follow, do follow)


  • Minor security updates


  • Major fixes in ads loading optimization


  • Major fixes in popup rwd


  • Minor changes in visual of X buttons
  • Major fixes in duplicated places


  • Ads.txt support – file could be edit in WordPress Ads Manager Settings
  • Reduced queries – Performance Improvement


  • New design of wizard. All steps in one view for better understanding the flow
  • New Google AdSense Input
  • Some minor fixees in Analytics (beta) tab
  • Ads could be disabled in ads listing. From now ads could be disabled without removing it
  • Some UX improvement in Predefined and Custom Ad Places in Wizard
  • New Ads Place – Inside the Post After (X) Paragraph. Now you can insert the ad after second paragraph, or after 5th. You can simple choose which one


  • Custom & Predefined Places. AdFoxly do not need groups. They’ve been merged into Places as Custom Places.
  • Google Analytics Integration is back as Events in Google Analytics.
  • Facebook Pixel input for Facebook Remarketing
  • Removed top navbar menu in default view after installation
  • Major fixes in statistics performance


  • New, easier wizard
  • Extended Campaign Feature by faster adding and removing ads
  • Creating new campaign from wizard step
  • Few PHP Fixes and cleaning
  • Polish Translation


  • Small changes in readme.txt


  • Campaigns. You can create campaign and set one date for selected ads. Campaign will deactivate all banners in campaign after choosed date.


  • Groups. Possiible creating gropus of ads and display via Shortcode


  • Initial version